Hey there! I'm Krista welcome to my space on the web where I will share a look into my day to day life and give tips on how I'm raising five children including two tweens and twins plus one all while working two jobs + running a growing Etsy graphic design shop (and now this blog). I often get asked how I do it, so began this blog. 

From diapers to clients, dishes, homework, and everything in between this blog is where I will talk about it allll the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

BALANCE is key and if I’m honest it hasn't been exactly all pretty unicorns, rainbows, and glitter. There have been times when it's been tough and I’m here to keep it real with you. 

Some days I feel like I got this domestic wifey thing down, I'm on top of the world and nothing is going to stop me. Other days...

I may want to run away for good and never come back, or at the very least head to the bar for a drink (or ten) the minute, their dad is home from work.

Then I remember that’s a possible hangover in the morning. A hangover + a 6:30am alarm clock called three toddlers and that doesn't exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like it's really really not worth it. (most of the time).

I'm far from perfect and having it all together. My toddlers have a tendency to drop the f-bomb here and there and my other half has probably ate way more ramen noodles and frozen pizza for dinner than he would ever like but hey I'm trying (A for effort).

Im here to share what I have learned and hopefully figure out the rest at some point. In the meantime feel free to read about what I have figured out and subscribe so you don't miss the day that I really do have my shit together (no promises though). 

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