Our 2016 Fourth of July Recap

July 12, 2016

We had big plans for the Fourth of July this year. Okay, not really but we did plan to go to the parade, then visit family, and head off to the fireworks around 10 pm. (Ha! Funny. We literally did ONE of those things and that was visit family.)

We thought this year it would be easier to go to the parade and the fireworks with the twins but...we didn't even get there.

On the morning of the 4th, we woke up late so we never made it to the parade because it literally takes us a million hours to go anywhere. Well no big deal, we just figured the twins could nap in the afternoon before we went and visited family, so they did just that. They napped and we did the huge job of packing to leave for a few hours. (Seriously diapers, pull-ups, a bottle, milk for the babies, sippy's, extra clothes, nuks, wipes, stroller, pack n play, and that's just a few of the things)

Once they woke up we headed out and we had a blast getting out and so did they! We live in town and have no fence around our yard so it's actually kind of dangerous to take the two of them outside on your own. They can't be trusted to stay with you, so, they don't get out much unless we go for a walk and they sit in a wagon or stroller. They don't really get to run, but on the fourth, they did so much running and playing. We were visiting with family who had a great big yard and we didn't have to worry much. I loved every minute of not being a stressed out mess that one of them at any second could run out into the road if I took my eyes off them. There was a little bit of freedom and it felt great.

We had a wonderful meal that included brats, salads, treats, pop we all enjoyed ourselves. We got there at 2 pm and by 5ish (heavy on the ish) the twins were legit done with the entire trip. They were tired from running, playing, and being out in the sun and getting cranky. We decided to pack up and headed home in hopes of getting everyone to take a nap before the fireworks.

Little miss went right to sleep she hadn't napped all afternoon and the twins were just done for, beyond exhausted. They were actually overtired because they whined about laying down for a minute but then they were out.
It was 8:30 pm by the time got home, got everyone changed, and into their cribs for a little nap, and then we sat down. (this is where we made our mistake.)

After thinking about how much work it was going to take to get them packed up and down to the park to see the fireworks by 10pm we talked ourselves out of it and it didn't take long...we decided maybe next year!

I was tired, dad was tired and we rarely ever do anything this eventful so it was tiring. Plus we would of had to wake all three babies, get them all back in their car seats, pack the stroller, a pack n play, drive there find a parking spot (no easy task), walk a mile or so to the park (I could use the exercise but really who wants to do that!?), find a spot to sit, get set up, all for 15 min of fireworks and then pack up and head back and probably get stuck in traffic for an hour with three very cranky and tired babies so we decided against that oncoming disaster how bout no it sounded like a complete disaster so we said not this year and are hoping we get to make it next year. (What you think will we actually make it next year?)

Even though we were slightly disappointed about missing them we knew it was for the best and had a quiet (RELAXING) evening at home, grilled some brats, and watched a movie together. The older boys went with their best friend and got to go to the fireworks with them.
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