Life With Twins Plus One at Four Months In

June 14, 2016

Wow, little miss is now four months old! Time is flying by and literally, I kid you not, this last week has been like heaven when it comes to the kids. Up until this point, life has been an exhausting stressful blur.

Sleep deprivation and not having any real schedule in place was really starting to take its toll on me. I was really starting to feel drained, batshit crazy, and like I had zero me time. It truly is exhausting when every time you turn around someone NEEDS you. Meals to be made, pumping, bottles to be washed, butts to be changed, dishes, laundry, homework, it never ends.

In the chaos of it all, you can start to lose yourself and feel like a living breathing milk making machine with no end in sight. As though you will never get five seconds, let alone five minutes to yourself. Those first few months are so rough if there is any tip I can give a new mom of three under two is to take help wherever you can get it.

The first six weeks I was lucky enough to able to have paid help to come in and even with the paid help I was still struggling ( thank you, grandma for making the paid help possible we couldn't have done it without you and a special thanks to my mom for being there whenever she could ).

Just when I felt as if it was getting to hard and thinking maybe I'm not cut out for this it suddenly got easier, so if you are just starting on this journey, rest assured it does get better at about four months in. I've finally been able to shower, clean the house, or take a nap myself during the day if I need it.

Like I said it's literally been like heaven this week. It's still rough but wow it's getting easier. This week it's like someone hit a light switch and there is hope that life won't always be so hard.

Little Miss finally started napping on a predictable routine and is now at a point where I can lay her in her crib and she will fuss for a few minutes and then falls asleep for three naps a day! (Can I get a Hallelujah!)

I even managed to be able to get all three babies napping at the same time this week! Which is a big deal! It's only happened a handful of times in the last four months so as you can imagine I'm pretty pumped about getting into a regular napping rhythm/routine where at least once a day they all nap at the same time.

I still have to call and make her four-month checkup because I've been a slacker and haven't don't it yet. Josh really wants to start her on solids but I'm waiting until she goes in to see the doctor and they give the okay. I would like to continue exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months and will probably go longer just because it's so much easier in the night. I mean really who wants to get up and make a bottle twice a night? NOT ME...

Aside from that, she is growing and is now 13lbs, smiles, laughs, and loves to play on the floor with her toys contently for quite a while giving me time to get other things done. She has also recently discovered that her hands can hold onto things and loves playing with rattles and chewing on them. Yes, chewing on everything and the drool oh the drool it's everywhere so maybe she is starting to work on those first teeth that more than likely won't come in until 9 months because ALL of my children take forever to get their teeth.

As far as sleeping goes she still isn't sleeping through the night and I'm pretty sure she is going through her four-month sleep regression she seems to wake some nights and just wants to stay awake and play which would be great if we didn't co-sleep. She is always up and cooing and kicking her legs right next to me while I'm trying to sleep, but I don't want to complain too much since at least when she wakes she is happy and content just laying there playing and not crying so I'll take it.

I literally haven't slept through a full night consistently in almost two years! I got a couple months in between when Baby K started sleeping through at 14 months for a whopping two months up until she was born. I'm not sure if I would fully classify it as me getting to "sleep through the night". Considering by the time Baby K was 14 months I was at the point in my pregnancy where I had to get up to pee at least three times a night. You could say I'm anxiously awaiting the days for her to sleep all night and for me to get some much-needed rest.

This week is also the first week that the older boys are home on summer break. They decided they wanted to go and spend the week with their grandma and so far have had no intentions on coming home, but I'm sure sooner or later they will start to miss me ;)

I'm also busy preparing for Father's Day and getting everything around so we can go visit our family. With this many people it literally no joke takes an entire week and half the house to go anywhere overnight and that's just overnight, so you can imagine what it takes to go anywhere for multiple nights in a row. I will say with all the work/time it takes to get to our destination it will be a nice little vacation away from the norm plus extra hands to hold babies & I don't have to do any cooking! That's always a plus so you could say I'm slightly overexcited. Who knows maybe I'll be able to sneak in a little nap while we are there.

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