10 Ways To Use Evernote To Manage Your Business & Personal Life

September 03, 2015

I have recently fallen in love with Evernote if you don't know what Evernote is I highly suggest you check it out. It's an extremely useful "note keeping" app that I use for business but it is also great at managing my personal life as well. Learning to use Evernote can be a bit of a learning curve but I promise once you figure it out you will LOVE it! There is so much that can be done with Evernote so I will start by giving you some ideas.

For Business

Client Projects

I am a designer and when I start a new project I create a new notebook for each client. At the beginning of the design process, I like to search around for ideas, inspiration, pictures, fonts and create a mood board. To do this I need all kinds of images with Evernote I can drag all the images I see that inspire me for the project into the client's folder and once I am done take a step back and look at what direction the design is heading in terms of the "design style". I love this! I also like to save design mockups and sketches in Evernote as well.

Blog Post Ideas

I am not the type of person who can just sit and think about "what to write" and come up with a huge list of blog topics. All throughout the day topics just pop into my head I can be doing anything from working on a client project, shopping for groceries, or even just driving down the road. This is where Evernote works great!

I simply open the Evernote app on my phone and I can record the note by taking a picture if it is something that inspires me, voice recording it if I'm driving down the road, or if I'm in a public place such as the grocery store I can create a new note with my blog topic idea as the title and then file it under the tag "blog topics". When I am ready, I can then come back and begin writing.

Which leads to my next use for Evernote...

Writing Blog Posts

I can use Evernote to write a blog post just about anywhere on my phone, sitting on the couch, while the kid play, waiting in the waiting room at the doctor's office I can be drafting up my next post and since it syncs across all my devices I always have it when I need it.

My Portfolio

Once I have finished a client project I like to load them into Evernote and file them under the tag portfolio. If I am out and about having a conversation with someone that is interested in my work I always have my portfolio right with me on my phone, it works out great!

Inbox Zero

I love to have my inbox with nothing in it! Before Evernote, this seemed almost impossible I always had stuff from clients, receipts etc... That I needed to keep on hand so I always had them sitting in my inbox. Well, not anymore.

Each Evernote account gets a special email address that allows you to email in notes to your Evernote account. You can also send them to certain folders and add tags so it is filed away right where it needs to be. Every time I get a new project inquiry through my website I have it setup to go straight to my Evernote account so I can delete it from my inbox any purchases I make all the receipts are sent straight to Evernote and filed under "receipts" and I also like to mark them as "personal or "business" this lets me keep those expenses separate for easier tax filing at the end of the year.

Any new account information I need to keep track of for my blog such as new affiliate accounts I can forward them to Evernote so I always have them and my inbox stays neat and tidy.

Email Templates

If you have a question that is always getting asked by clients or readers from your blog you can keep different email templates in Evernote so all you need to do is copy and paste the answer.

I always customize my email with the client/readers name but this works great to help streamline things so you can get more done instead of sitting and responding to the same questions and writing the same answers out 100x's a week.

I also have templates for "new project inquiries" and welcome emails once I begin working with a client they are all typed up and ready for the client's information that pertains to their project to be inserted right in Evernote.

For Personal

Not only is Evernote great from a business perspective but it's also great for managing your personal life as well here are some ways I use Evernote to keep myself organized.

Bills & Paperwork

I'm pretty sure everyone gets a lot of mail some of it is important some of it not so much. All the important mail such as bills get scanned into Evernote and filed away and tagged with "bills", "the month", and "year". Then they never get lost and I always have them to refer back to. I also like to scan any receipts I have into Evernote for future reference.

Kids School Projects

I love my kid's school projects but finding someplace to keep them year after year can be a daunting task. Then I realized I could scan all their drawings and school projects into Evernote and keep them forever.

This cuts down on all the paperwork laying around the house. I do keep some projects that are super cool and I want to have for their graduation day but for the most part, it all gets scanned and filed away digitally.

Grocery Lists

I have a note dedicated to what is needed around the house everytime I see that we are getting low on something I open Evernote and use the "list" note feature so it gets a little checkbox next to it and add it under either "groceries" or "household items" when I'm out and about at the store I can refer back to my list to be sure I haven't forgotten anything that is needed. You can also share this notebook with your husband or other half for example if he needs you to pick up anything he can just add it in so you see it when you go to check what is needed around the house and BOOM it's like magic.

Household Organization

With four kids running around I NEED to live on a schedule to stay productive. I use Evernote to keep track of everything such as my cleaning schedule, the twins daily schedule, my oldest boys schools schedule such as what day gym day is, what days library day is, and what day is music day.

I can scan in their weekly spelling list In case they lose it then they have no excuse to NOT study their spelling words. This allows me to be able to refer back to my notes and keep track of everything if I forget.

Another awesome feature that I love about Evernote is I can share notes with other people. For instance, if I need to leave suddenly for an emergency and don't have time to write everything down for the sitter I can share schedules with them.

I also try to keep them written out on paper, but with the twins, their schedule can change and it might not be "updated" and current so that is where this works great.

How about you do you use Evernote? What is your favorite Evernote feature?

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